Welcome to our Calendar of Meditations and Study Groups!

To join an online meditation follow these 3 steps:

3. Click on the service in the calendar, then click the blue Zoom link in the event description to open Zoom and enter the meditation

Online Offertory

The operation and growth of the SRF Online Meditation Center is funded solely through donations to Yogananda Seva. Your generosity of support of this work is very much appreciated and needed.
“Those who give and share, whether they have much or little, will attract prosperity. That is the law of God.” 
– Paramahansa Yogananda
Online Meditation Etiquette: Renaming Yourself in Zoom
In order to maintain the sanctity of the Online Meditation Center services, please do not rename yourself in Zoom to anything other than your name or location. Per our policy, any inappropriate names will be modified by our online ushers. Thank you for your understanding.
Online Meditation Etiquette: Turning Your Video Camera On
We recommend turning your own video camera on to add to the experience of meditating together in a group, but having your video camera on is not required. Please note that when your video camera is on and you are able to see yourself in the Zoom window, others will also be able to see you. Per our policy, our ushers will turn participants’ videos off if it appears they are unaware that their video camera is on.

All times on the calendar below are listed in your local time zone

To change the time zone the calendar reflects, click on the name of the time zone above in the bottom right corner of the calendar, check the box for “Show All Time zones”, select the time zone that you would like to see, and press OK.